Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hot Tubs Are Good

I am watching over my sister's/BIL's house this week, enjoying their home and their hot tub! Before they left, my brother-in-law showed me about the chemicals to be added and how to remove the cover. They have the coolest unit designed to make it easy to remove the spa covers. It is more or less a bar that fits over one side of the cover, then you lift the other side of the cover over the bar, and then the bar acts as a lever so the whole thing folds over to one side. Hard to imagine without a picture I suppose, but it is very handy! Casey's brother has a hot tub without the handy-dandy cover removal aid, and it is a real pain compared with the ease of this one! that the hot tub I hear calling my name?

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Caroline said...

My best friend in KC has a hot tub and she gets in almost every night to relax.

Enjoy the hot tub!!!