Monday, May 10, 2010

Always Another Toy on the List

This is not a technical article. This is not even a review article. This is just a "Wow, isn't this a cool thing" article. I'm not a techno-geek. I don't have a need for all of the latest technology as soon as it comes out. Heck, I couldn't afford it even if I felt the need for all the latest gadgets. I am fine with waiting for prices to come down and glitches to be resolved.

A friend recently wrote a blog advising against buying an iPad until the glitches have been resolved. He had good points about this being a new product and how in a short period of time, it will be an even better product with a lower price tag. I was at his house a couple weeks ago, and there, sitting in his house was an empty iPad box. Hmmmm....I think...has he purchased one? A bit later, sure enough, he is showing me how cool his new iPad is, and yes, it is cool.

He justified his purchase because he is a musician and can store all of his words/chord charts on it easily - easy to access, easy to read, no shuffling through pages looking for the right song. Very slick. He showed me how easy it is to watch a streaming Netflix movie on it, too. Very clear pictures, smooth - nice.

I am sure the iPad is wonderful for many things - photos, video, surfing the web, reading books. I haven't gotten onto the ereader bandwagon, yet, but that's probably not far away. This looks like a better option as it also has tons more capabilities in the size of a notepad. The price tag is certainly steeper than an an ereader, but hey, in a couple years I will probably be able to afford it, will find it on sale and will have a whole list of my own reasons justifying my need for such a toy. :)

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