Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great Day with the Kids

Saturday was an excellent day! We started with Kaylen's ballet lesson, then off to Target to spend the gift card I got for my birthday (Thank you, Stella!). I managed to get all of the odds and ends I needed for an upcoming trip to England - converter plug, calling card, extra SD card for new camera, underwear - plus a few extras for the kids. Kelton was a generous brother and shared his birthday money with Kaylen, and I wanted them to see me doing the same thing. A good chance for a life lesson. :)

We then wanted to use a coupon for a pizza place that used to be next to Target, but had moved. We decided to go on an adventure and find the new location. It ended up to be near downtown Portland in a trendy little neighborhood. We ate pizza, enjoyed their crazy 80's decor, posed on some outdoor lounge chairs, and then found a really nice park for the kids to play in. It was nearly 4:00 by the time we found our way home, and I still needed to weed whack and give the dogs their baths! All done! (Kaylen loves bathing the dogs!) A productive and fun day. The kids crashed fast last night and slept well. I stayed up a bit too late, but still got some good sleep. Love those kinds of days!

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