Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ate the Cookies

Most likely you are not reading these in the order I am posting them because I am doing several close together. There was an entry a couple back where I referred to taking the cookies out of the oven. I was not joking. I am preparing for my upcoming trip to England to see my dear friend, Bonnie, get married. The kids decided to pretend to prepare for their own trip. They packed their luggage, turned their bedrooms into hotel rooms, and soon I decided to join in and play "room service". I first brought complimentary bottles of water, and later took warm cookies and milk to them at the local "pub" where they were hanging out.

I had to indulge in a few cookies myself. I am now looking at myself and wondering how to reduce belly fat. Probably lay off the cookies!

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Lynilu said...

I'm jealous. Have fun!