Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Man-Eating /Woman-Eating Bugs

Have people in other parts of the country noticed an unusually large number of mosquitoes, or similarly unpleasant pests this spring/summer? The mosquitoes have been terrible this year! They are huge, blood-hungry and merciless. Last Friday at my sister's wine night, in full swing and down one-fifth of tequila by the time I joined around 9:20, after my studies, the whole family had nearly been eaten alive and had been forced inside despite the pleasant temperature outside. The next night something got me so badly that I actually had a goose-egg on my forehead from it. I looked like I'd walked into a wall.

I have heard that certain skin care products are good for keeping away the biting bugs. We hate to use nasty chemicals and did mix up a batch of eucalyptus oil spray in hopes that will work for outdoor times in the future. Seemed to work on Sunday...oh, wait, we weren't home on Sunday! (Ha-ha!) If anyone has any natural suggestions, let me know!

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Zach said...

hyI've heard that this is a result of 90% of the bat population in the Northeast dying off from a combination of habitat destruction and a fungus. I heard it was spreading out West and to the South, too, so maybe it's hitting your area?