Sunday, July 05, 2009

Three Weeks and Counting

Three weeks to go. Not that I am counting. Oh, heck, of course I am. This is the last week of bar review classes. We have just three substantive lectures, plus some practice test/review days. I know that all the information I need has pretty much been laid out for me. It's all in a book and learning to apply it in order to answer the questions is just a matter of practice and repetition. The big deal is making sure I have enough time, and use it very wisely over the next three weeks. Just the fact I've made it this far without needing drug rehab, is a good thing. It bodes well for the future.

I am really glad formal review ends and leaves us with two weeks on our own to do with as we each will. I think the stress level will be through the roof by the time test days roll around, and I doubt it would be good to keep so many freaked out people together. Too much crazy in one place. I think I will be able to stick to my schedule as it has been, studying in the morning, working a bit in the afternoon, spending a bit of time searching the government job site , and then studying more into the evening and night. This gives my brain a rest in the middle of the day - plus gives us an income. I don't think a person can effectively study 12 hour in a row anyway. This is what I say now. In one more week, who knows how I will feel? Certainly more freaked out than I do right now. Right now, it is Sunday night, it's been a good weekend, the kids are sleeping peacefully, and all is good.

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