Thursday, July 16, 2009

What's in a Label?

As has been noted, and probably directly observed, I have been finding humor and intrigue in almost any subject that passes me by these days. Might as well enjoy the insanity while it lasts! Twice in the past week the topic of label makers has come up. Now, I say to you, who doesn't enjoy a good label maker?

We have one at home that we used probably 4+ years ago to mark a variety of small bins containing kid toys ("castle parts," "Mr. Potato Head," "building toys," "misc. small toys") and adult items("tools," "batteries," "emergency supplies"). Boy Wonder went crazy making and using "stickers" with the label maker - and we soon needed refills! At work, I use one to make file labels - way easier than using the printer, and frankly, more satisfying. There is something fun about punching in the letters and seeing the white strip come shooting out, printed all nice and neat.

(For Bonus Points - who remembers the old style label makers that had red or blue plastic ribbon and the letters were punched into it so they ended up raised? I know, I am showing my age!)

A really good label maker used to run close to, if not over $30. Now, you can get a really nice one on sale for under $20. This one I found is a Brother - good brand, tons of features, and is actually just a newer version of the one I use at work. Nice machine, totally reliable, and this one will even print on super narrow tape so you can label CD spines. Nice!

Now that I am thinking about this, I realize I should get ours out now that Boy Wonder has learned to read and is getting decent at spelling. I bet he would have a blast. On second thought, he still loves "stickers." Not sure I would want him to use his new skills labeling every piece of furniture we have!

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