Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Life Has Become A Thriller

See the zombie in the lower left corner, the one with the blue face, screaming with a terror unknown to mere mortals? THAT is me today. I just had my *ss kicked by a practice MBE half-day test. I nearly reached the goal, but not quite. My score is the same as our practice test a week ago. No improvement despite the studying and practice tests. That was NO improvement, as in zero, zip, nada. Thing is, I thought I was doing really well. What does that mean? That I am confident in my ignorance? Great.

I decided to do a quick post to try to shake off the bad feelings so I can go figure out what all I did wrong. I realized I'd not yet posted about Michael Jackson's death. I have to say, along with many, I have been quite disturbed by it. So sad that that this man with such genius, who was about to embark on what undoubtedly would have been a huge comeback tour, had his life ended so abruptly.

It seems like he was such a big part of my younger years. When I was in high school, who didn't have a copy of Thriller, Bad, and Off the Wall? This was the soundtrack to our lives. I don't think anyone really knows "what happened" with Michael Jackson over the past many years. Lots of people have made judgments, but very few really had insight as to the reality of who he was and what all he went through. One thing for sure - his music will be remembered for a very, very long time.

I think picking up a few CDs, such as the Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition, is something I'd like to do. Everything I had was in vinyl and has since been given away. It would be fun to have the music to listen to, to remember the past, and enjoy in the future.

For those who don't remember, in addition to the wicked title soundtrack (LOVED the Vincent Price voiceover!), songs included on this "album" were:

1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' ~ Michael Jackson
2. Baby Be Mine ~ Michael Jackson
3. Girl Is Mine, The - (featuring Paul McCartney) ~ Michael Jackson
4. Thriller ~ Michael Jackson
5. Beat It - (featuring Eddie Van Halen) ~ Michael Jackson
6. Billie Jean ~ Michael Jackson
7. Human Nature ~ Michael Jackson
8. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) ~ Michael Jackson
9. Lady In My Life, The ~ Michael Jackson
10. Vincent Price Excerpt - (from "Thriller" voice-over session) ~ Michael Jackson
11. Girl Is Mine, The - (previously unreleased, 2008, featuring ~ Michael Jackson
12. P.Y.T. - (previously unreleased, 2008, featuring ~ Michael Jackson
13. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - (previously unreleased, 2008, featuring Akon) ~ Michael Jackson
14. Beat It - (2008, featuring Fergie) ~ Michael Jackson
15. Billie Jean - (Kanye West mix) ~ Michael Jackson
16. For All Time - (previously unreleased) ~ Michael Jackson

Apparently sales of Michael Jackson's music is setting records like crazy, and he is likely to be the best selling artist for 2009. Sad he's not here to enjoy it. His music is on sale many places right now. There's no time like the present to go pick up a CD or two, or maybe download some tracks onto your MP3 player. Hey - that is a great idea!

First, I must go figure out all the RIGHT answers to the MBE questions I got wrong. That should only take me until Monday.

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