Monday, July 06, 2009

Today's Lecture - Hazard to My Health

Today's Barbri lecture, and tomorrow's, was an unexpected video. I have heard that in many parts of the country, videos are all the students get. I cannot imagine having to pay what I paid for video-only lectures. Today's was the worst. This woman, speaking on wills and trusts, did not even attempt jokes. Most try to keep us amused. They know we are bored, getting tired, and are under a lot of stress. Today's lecturer was no-nonsense, and no fun. Most of us were looking at each other with looks of WTF painted across our pained faces.

During one of our ten-minute breaks, a short trip to the restroom had me eyeing the cool, hard tile on the wall, entertaining thoughts of banging my head against it repeatedly until I fell to the floor, unconscious. That seemed preferable to going back to the lecture.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, I did not choose the head-banging option. I listened. I underlined. I somehow stayed awake. I think I'll opt to just read the lecture notes for tomorrow and NOT put myself through the torture again.


Proto Attorney said...

I prefer not having the live lecturers, actually. That way you can sit there and make fun of them and they don't know it. :D

Dakota said...

Proto Attorney - Yes, well, we have two rooms. One that streams the feed from the live room. We can choose whichever, and I will say, that when the person is particularly "ridiculable," the non-live room fills up fast between breaks!

I personally like the energy and immediacy of the live folks. Keep me more engaged.

Audra said...

I know Dylan wants to take this course. If she is taking the Washington bar, does she need to take this course in Washington (or use the tapes?) Or are the courses all the same across the country?

LOL Or is this something I need to tell her to go figure out haha

Dakota said...

Audra - Each state has its own version of bar review focussing on that state's laws and exam methods. Barbri does WA prep, but so does Rigos, and maybe another. I think Barbri is the most well-known.

Dylan can get an Ipod version and study from home, or can come to WA. They may even offer a WA test somewhere down there locally. (We offer CA prep on our campus.) We have CA people up here to take the OR exam before moving up, or who have just moved.

I really like the live lectures. That may or may not be an issue for Dylan, or even an option. It is something for her to inquire about though. Her school should be able to give her tons of information. I think WA, OR and CA are pretty familiar with each others options and requirements. I just wish we all had immediate reciprocity!

Anonymous said...

Barbri in Portland will do Washington Law, Rigos only does Washington law in Washington State. WA Law by Barbri in Portland is by video lectures only. And yes, being able to make fun of them is pretty awesome.
What is with the BarBri Will ands Trust folks? When I studied for the bar in 2007, the WA Wills and Trust instructor couldn't make the live class at SU that was being taped so Barbri played the 2006 Wills and Trust tape made when the instructor couldn't make it that year either.
So that meant that those of us who were watching the "taped" lectures down in Portland were watching a taping of a video presentation. And you thought the taped sessions only were bad.