Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From One Subject to Another

Today my mind is resting easier.
The medication must have kicked in. *grin* Just kidding.

A friend sent me some links to Ellen on Youtube from a 2007 show. She is so funny. This is part 4 ... and the end of part 5 had me barely able to breathe. You gotta love Ellen.

Ir's good to actually NOT be receiving more information to study and to be able to focus on memorizing and practicing. The practice questions are kind of fun, in a completely warped, what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you-people kind of way.

Wasn't UP an incredible movie?


Really - amazing storyline, fantastic imagery, appropriate humor, tackling seriously deep issues - the life we hope for and the life that happens when we aren't looking, making good on promises, and all blended with really likable characters. Amazingly good stuff.

OK, so I am bouncing a bit. It's OK - spot the issue - tackle it - move on. It's a strategy.


blur_ said...

Was just talking to a co-worker who thought the Oregon bar was 3 days - I had a mini-freak out on behalf of the OR examinees before I confirmed that it was only 2 days. I was a little worried for you for a bit!

Hope the studying is going well!

Dakota said...

Three days would suck! One more day of the adrenaline rush and stress. Ugh.

Thanks for your concern!

Hey - I don't have your personal email address. I think you have my work address - send it to me there so we can stay in touch.