Monday, July 13, 2009

Things Come and Go So Quickly Around Here

I get that I am the only one truly fascinated by my own mental gymnastics and delusions as I slog through this insanity known as bar prep. Still, my readership has been steadily increasing as of late, so I appear to be amusing at least a few people, or at the very least, serving as a momentary distraction from one's own bar prep hell. Either way, welcome!

I am serious when I say I am fascinated by my own processes through this particular passage. Am I the only one who feels a bit as though they are on speed (just guessing, not confessing) and could jump from topic to topic to topic, none having anything to do with the law, all the while enjoying the pictures running through my head bringing together scenes of the past, present and possible future?

OK, yeah. When put like that, maybe it does sound a bit crazy. Still, I bet more of you than not know what I am talking about. Wife accused me of ADD and hopes it ends when the bar does. I told her I wasn't so sure. I kind of enjoy this somewhat altered sense of consciousness....although I could do without the panicky feelings that sometimes accompany it.

One of the things that keep popping into my mind is that cute little computer that I blogged about several weeks ago - the Samsung NC-10 Netbook. I really want, but don't terribly need one. It is currently on sale at for $379, plus free shipping. The price keeps coming down! By the time I decide I can afford one, there will be something even better on the market though, right?

This is a really sweet machine though - 8 hours of battery life, 10.2 inch screen, nearly full-size keyboard with all of the keys in the right place (some netbooks move around the non-alpha keys to make them all fit), and 160 GB hard drive. I also operates on the Windows XP Home system, which many of us are not crazy about, but does mean it is Windows compatible, and we can load our Office applications onto it. It weighs under 3 pounds, is smaller than pretty much all of my law books ever were, and comes in a lovely blue. (It is also available in pink for an extra $20.)

All the convenience of a laptop computer, combined with ultra-portability, long battery life and it is aesthetically pleasing. What more could one want from a new tech toy?

OK, right, something that could morph from one object into another, similar to BOB on Monsters vs. Aliens. (I took the kids to see it for the second time yesterday. Genius movie!) That would be cool. See....mind wandering again, but look how much fun I am having!

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Casey said...

Oh no honey. I said ADHD. The H being a very important part of the equations. :)

I'm glad you are amusing yourself. That's half the battle in life and well....I do a nice job of amusing myself at times too. Hence the game of shawod puppets that left us in fits of giggles the other night. :)

You're doing fine. And you're almost there!