Wednesday, July 01, 2009

No News is....Good!

You know what? It really is OK to just shut off the news for a while. In fact, it is healthy. All the gurus of conscious creation and positive thinking are on this band-wagon, and I am a true believer. Sometimes, especially during otherwise stressful times, there is no point in adding to your anxiety level by hearing about the bombings, the murders, the diseases, the Mesothelioma cancer, the child abductions....need I go on? We stopped getting the newspaper a while back - partly because there was no time for it, partly because it was a waste of paper that just ended up in the recycle bin, and partly because we'd had enough bad news.

I'm not saying to stay ignorant for the rest of your life, but a break from the news can be a really good thing. If not that, even limiting the input - maybe hit the headlines on a few news sites once per day - just enough to stay informed. Try it for awhile and see if it improves your mood. It has worked for us on the occassions that we've tried it!

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