Friday, July 17, 2009

Bar Study Update

Some of you know I'd had some trouble sleeping for a couple nights. This was new for me as sleeplessness has never been one of my stress indicators. Nothing quite like having it take two hours to fall asleep and then be awakened a short time later by a cat jumping on the bed and then be awake for another hour..."Hello, my mind is awake now."

I am happy to report that the past two nights have been much better.

What I've learned:
- Breathing deeply and slowly is way better than fast and shallow.
- Nearly any conversation can lead to elements of a crime.
- Keeping to my schedule gives me the illusion of control.
- Getting up earlier gives me more hours in the day.
- During the very limited hours I am doing "work-work," it is best that someone else double-check what I am doing because my brain only has so much room for important details. Right now, if it's not on the bar, it probably is not important enough to take up space.
- It was worth taking a four-hour study break yesterday to go to my kids' swimming lessons and Vacation Bible School end-of-camp social event. I am so proud of of how well they are both doing!

OK, here's two more random pictures from the past few years. The princess was probably about a year ago, and the photo strip of me and my boy was taken right before I started law school:

OK - time to study Admin Law. :)


Lynilu said...

You may be stressed, but I love the new zing I'm finding in your posts! You are obviously seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Dakota said...

Lynilu - thank you! Sometimes the light is the sunshine, and sometimes it's a semi-truck heading right at me, but yes, the light is nearly visible! Look out - there may be a lot more "zing" in me once I get out from under the pressures of law school and the bar!

Lynilu said...

Oh, that's not a "look out," that's a STAY TUNED!!!