Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Anyone Wigging Out Over the Bar?

It would be really easy to eat and drink my way through bar review. There is almost no time that doesn't seem like a good time for chocolate and alcohol. Still, in an effort to be somewhat healthy and avoid the need for diet pills, I'm trying to turn to more fruit and nuts, and only occassional chocolate and margaritas.

One of my mentors asked me yesterday if any of my classmates were acting really weird. She says during her bar review days, she had a few classmates that totally wigged out. Two moved in together to eat, drink and sleep bar subjects. They started taking the super supplement of the day. She said by the the time the bar exam came around their pupils were like pinpoints and they had totally weirded out - but they passed!

I think we all have had our days of wigging out a bit and wondering how the heck we are going to keep all of this information in our heads and not totally lose our minds from the pressure. I've been feeling oddly calm lately. I think it is going to be good. I'm going to hang onto where did I put my supplements?


Butterflyfish said...

Can I say that I love the fact you used the phrase "wigging out"?

Dakota said...

You may.

That was easy.

Proto Attorney said...

I have my moments, but overall I feel pretty confident. Then again, my state has a 90% pass rate, and my school has a 93% pass rate. If I were taking the NY bar or something, I'd be failing in an epic way.

law mama said...

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I am seriously starting to feel like this summer is going to be a majestic FAIL on all fronts.

I can't really even hold a coherent conversation with anyone except my 3-year old anymore. She's actually great to talk to. She has no idea really about the bar, so I don't have to make small talk explaining how I'm studying (um, all waking hours that I'm not staring into the fridge, which is about half) and how I'm dealing with the CA heat while 6 months pregnant (born here, doesn't really faze me) and whether I have pregnancy brain (yes, it's called can't drink alcohol brain, and it makes me pretty damn smart actually) and what I think about Jenny Sanford (I am not impressed, moreover, i don't care).

Instead she points out the clouds for me, and how pretty the moon is, and every single tiny bug and insect and spider in our garden, and we kind of just talk about that stuff all evening until it's time for Dada to put her to bed and Mama to get back to "studding."

I think the bar has brought us closer.

Dakota said...

Law Mama - awesome therapy! Kids are great for reeling you back in to a healthy perspective. Best of luck!