Thursday, July 02, 2009

An Evening Report

Thoughts for the evening:

Here it is almost 7:00pm. I've listened to a three-hour lecture on property law, worked for a few hours, outlined the notes from said lecture, and now must choose between answering questions on contracts or listening to more of the lecture, which is available online. I'm tempted to do the latter just to get it almost over with and then tomorrow can just work, work, work - or rather - study, study, study without attending the lecture.

It's been a weird summer so far. The nice weather has only just started and I am SO GRATEFUL for the sun. I was so tired of the clouds that I was about to log on to Westgate and make reservations for anywhere sunny! Some of my classmates find it hard to study with the nice weather, because they want to be out in it, which I would love, too, but I get so much energy from the sun, I'm happy to have it coming in my window, driving in it, taking short walks....any bit I can get! I cannot even imagine how depressing studying for the winter bar would be. Ugh. Pretty sure it would depress me into a coma.

Anyway, it is a beautiful night. The sky is still bright blue outside my window, and now, it is time to go listen to part three of property law. I know - many of you are jealous beyond words. Try to handle it and I will not gloat too much. :)

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