Thursday, July 02, 2009

New Name and Bar Thoughts

I see that some of you have noticed my recent name change from Adventures of Law School Mama to Adventures of Out Law Mama. Wife and I both liked the play on words - being an "out" lesbian and also being "out" of law school. I'll keep it for awhile and test drive it. Let me know if you like it or not!

I see I touched a sensitive spot asking who was wigging out over the bar. I can't imagine why! Today I was reading my information about sitting for the exam, the prohibitions, check in times, etc. and noticed the date that results will be available: September 11. Really? The Board of Bar Examiners couldn't have adjusted that just a bit for the sake of the bar-takers' sanity?

I think all of us preparing for the bar, and those who love us, all will need a really good vacation when this is all over. Somewhere without law books, with an abundance of sunshine and fun to be had. I am all over the idea of Orlando vacations for us all, but know many of us will have to settle for something a little closer to home. Not sure what that will be for our family - maybe just a few days of family time in August, and something better once that BIG JOB is finally landed!

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Anonymous said...

In Washington, the results don't come out until mid-October.