Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stress and the Faulty Latch

You know when you think you are handling stress really well then something creeps up and taps you on the shoulder and shouts: BOO!?

That's been my day. I woke up after a fairly good night's sleep, but my legs were so tense that it felt liked I'd climbed a mountain the day before. To the best of my recollection, I had not.

Later, reading through Civ Pro essay answers, I found my breathing becoming rapid and my pulse racing. "Knock it off. This is no time for panicking." I tried breathing deeply. Deeply. Deeply. Deeply....

After regaining consciousness*, I felt more calm, but noticed I had bumped my head on the side of the refrigerator that sits in my office. Due to a faulty latch, the door had come open, which is why I'd bumped my head on it when I'd passed out. I started wondering if I could sue the manufacturer in strict liability so they could not use my own negligence against me. We all know that contributory negligence is not a defense to strict liability. Still, since my damages were, well, nonexistent, I guess there would be no point. I swung the door of the frig' the rest of the way open and grabbed a Coke.

That hit the spot. Now if only I had some rum....

*Fictional account intended for humorous purposes.

For my non bar-prepping readers, the "faulty latch" is a scenario that keeps popping up on practice test questions, which is why I think I am so dang amusing, and you may just be thinking I am weird.


Lynilu said...

Nooooooooooo! We wouldn't be thinking you weird! Never happen!

Dakota said...

Even though I cannot hear you, I am certain I detect not just a small amount of sarcasm there, Lynilu.

I like that in a person!

Casey said...

Thanks for adding the disclaimer nd thanks for humoring me when I called to see if you were ok after banging your head. With all that is happening right now, I guses I wouldn't be surprised if you hyperventilated and passed out. :)

Love you!

Dakota said...

Casey - I suspect that I may only be as funny as I think I am to my fellow bar-preppees! :)