Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mid-summer Wedding

Have I mentioned that Wife's brother is getting married the weekend after the bar? He is. His fiance has been planning this big "garden party" wedding for months now. The guests are expected to wear garden attire - but I take it that does not mean grubby shorts and gloves - I think I need to get some linen slacks and maybe I already have a shirt that will work, but I doubt it. I think just being upright at that point will be quite an accomplishment for me! I believe the bride and groom are wearing traditional garb - a tuxedo and formal wedding dress. There will be garden party games, lemonade and gardens for strolling. I'm sure it will be nice, plus a nice getaway for our family after the stress of the bar. We may take an extra day or two for ourselves before coming home from the festivities.

As for our kids, this is the big reference point for the summer - as in "After Uncles James' wedding, Mama will not have to go to school anymore!" Just one more month to go, and this will all be over!

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Audra said...

Sounds like fun! We had kind of a garden wedding, and it was so nice! And I'm sure it will be a fantastic break after the bar!!