Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wii are having fun now!

The kids and I have had great fun playing with Wife's brother's Wii game system wheneven we visit, but Wife and I have told the kids it was far too expensive for us to get our own. Well, I received a good bit of money as graduation gifts, and decided the whole family should reap in the rewards of our long, hard struggle, and so we used the money to buy a Nintendo Wii and some games. The game system seems to be about the same price everywhere. It is on sale most places for $249. If you click on the previous link, it will lead you to a place where that price includes free shipping!

The Wii is great fun! For anyone living in a cave, or in law school, for the past few years (several of my classmates have not heard of it), Wii is an interactive game system that connects to your tv and responds to your movements via a remote, or other devices such as game mats or balance boards. The game package that comes with most systems I have seen is Sports - which includes things like bowling, one of Wife's personal favorites, golf and baseball. We also got Carnival - which provides a TON of the kinds of games you'd play at a carnival - ring toss, dunk tank, skee ball, throwing a ball at a stack of clown-shaped pins to knock them over....all of those fun games that cost way too much to play on the midway. Well, this is a chance to get good at them! Boy Wonder loves to earn points to win virtual prizes, including crazy hats and such for your character to wear. (You get to personalize your own character for game play across all games.)

We've also had big fun playing Mario Cart, which is a racing game. Boy Wonder and I love racing each other - choose your character, your vehicle, and it is off to the races on all sorts of crazy courses! The last game we bought was Outdoor Challenge. This one hooks to a mat and you can do individual or team challenges, or do head to head competition. These games involve things like running and jumping over hurdles, racing through a mine on a runaway cart, rafting through a pipe, and climbing a rope up a waterfall. Boy Wonder and I had Wife in stitches as she watched us racing and jumping this past Sunday morning. It was fun, and I broke a sweat before I'd even had a cup of coffee! This was some serious exercise! Our Princess is still a bit young for most games, but she still enjoys helping where she can, and watching the action.

This has been a great gift for us all and is sure to provide hundreds of hours of fun for our family. Next purchase will be Wii Fit. Just about everyone we run into who already has Wii tell us we HAVE TO get it!

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