Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pep Talk from the Bar Review Folks

Yesterday during our bar review class, we got a "pep letter." It is sort of a "we know you are going crazy and want to kill yourself, but don't" message. It was kind of nice to know this is the point that we will all start feeling crazy, and losing our glasses, or our minds, or something equally valuable.

I am feeling somewhat stressed, and I know that it will get crazy, but will all be OK in the end. I'm mostly OK, but have started hearing my co-workers say - "You need to get some sleep," and "You are fun when you are stressed." Sad part is, I AM getting sleep. My mind just doesn't really have a lot of room to focus well on anything but bar subjects, and even those are still very out of focus. At least everyone knows, in theory, what I am going through and I don't think the expectations are particularly high right now for my daily functions.

In only 7 short weeks, I will be returning to my normal life, or rather, I will be discovering what the heck normal even looks like. "Normal" may be a constantly changing thing for a while....normal for during law school, normal for bar review, normal before I have a new job, normal for after I find a new job. Who said "The only thing constant is change."? True enough.

Who knows? A few short months from now, I could be starting a new job with new responsibilities, new routines to figure out, new co-workers, new health insurance and a return of premium life insurance, along with a host of other benefits. I will NOT be going to school at night - or in the morning. I will be coming home at night to see my family.....or maybe working late because it is a new job paying the big bucks that will help repay those darn student loans...I repeat, who knows?


blur_ said...

Here's another pep talk of sorts that may help: http://lawwithgrace.blogspot.com/2009/06/to-all-bartakers-everywhere-who-are.html.

Rather than getting a pep talk, the most recent feedback from NY barbri was essentially 'now is the time to start panicing' (intending to scare those who hadn't been doing anything more than the lectures).

Really wishing it were August.

Lauren said...

I'm thinking about law school. I'm 38, married, work full time, have an alomst 3yo and thinking about another baby. Am I nuts or what?

Dakota said...

Blur - I LOVED the post you sent me to. I also wish it was August.

Lauren - Yes, you are nuts. I was, too. I was in almost your exact same shoes, as you may have gathered by reading back through my blog. I do not regret law school at all - other than the debt. It has been harder on my family than me, and if my wife had not been able and willing to take on pretty much everything that wasn't my job or school, I don't know how I ever could have done it. Make sure you have your husand's support and that he knows what that means. Both of you go read through the archives of my wife's blog - Dancing on the Edge - link on sidebar. I loved law school. Would it have been more fun before a full-time job and kids? You bet! Still, a great experience that I hope pays off in the long run.

Good luck to you!