Monday, June 29, 2009

Simulated Exam Day

Today in BarBri review we did one performance exam and six essay questions. I was dreading it and not sure it would be a good use of my time since I've not studied some of the early subjects for weeks now. I imagined I might look at the questions and remember nothing. I did not dread it so much that it caused me to study on family day, or wake up early to study, or anything like that. I didn't even dread it enough to bail out. I suppose "dread" was not the correct word. Maybe it was simply causing me apprehension. (..of immiment, harmful offensive contact? Was I assaulted?) Nonetheless, I went, stuck out the whole day, and am glad I did.

I think overall, I did fairly well. I know I forgot a few buzzwords and an element here and there, but mostly, I actually remembered quite a lot. It was really good to see that I've actually learned a lot of the past four years - and clarified it over the past four weeks. Today was about trying, sitting for nearly the length of time of one of our "real days" will be, and seeing where we are right now. I don't know when we will get the feedback, but am hoping I have achieved or am close to achieving "minimal competence" in at least most of the subjects covered today.

After the simulated exam, I was fairly tired, and an hour or so later came down with a non-simulated headache. Eye-strain, I think mostly. Anyway, I am putting in my hours at work, minus this little posting diversion, and will actually get home relatively early to see Wife tonight. No homework tonight since we already put in a grueling, but well spent day.

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