Friday, June 19, 2009

Oddly Calm

Over the past couple of days I have been feeling oddly calm. I had a day or two that I was a little manic, and people at work were beginning to worry about my sanity, but then it was over.

I have taken in the advice from one of our lecturers about having a positive attitude, and thinking of bar prep and taking the bar as something I *GET* to do, not something I *HAVE* to do. If I really stop and think about it, there are a lot of people who want to go to law school that never get in. I think our school admits about 10% of all applicants. I was fortunate to get to go to law school, and really, I frequently took note of that. Now, I *GET* to take the bar exam. (Convinced, yet? I almost am.)

Also, reading another blogger's post about calming down made me laugh and was right on the mark. I don't have the link right here, but go look under comments to my posting entitled: Pep Talk from the Bar Review Folks.

Anyway, I am feeling pretty good right now, and right now is all we really have. Good enough.

So, now that Boy Wonder has had his last day of First Grade and it is officially summer, the rain has started, and it is supposed to stick around for a while. Great. The good part is it means we don't have to water the lawn and gardens.

Wife and I both hate messing around with the hose and sprinklers. Such a pain! Maybe someday we will have in-ground sprinklers, or some kind of cool recycled water watering system. For now, we have a hose with a sprinkler, we move it around the yard as needed, and wind up at the end of the day. BUT WAIT!! Look at this really cool thing I just found:

It is a No Crank Water-Powered Hose Reel. How cool does that sound? It uses stored up water power to reel the hose back in when you are ready. I am thinking this sounds like a huge amount of fun - and not just because it would be funny to watch the dogs chase the hose as it is winding itself up. I hate hassling with winding up the hose. I usually end up wet, or dirty, or the wound-up hose looks like a complete mess because I somehow have managed to wind against the natural curves of the hose...UGH!

For the last couple years we had a flat fabric-like hose that wound up inside a case....or rather, *I* wound them up inside the case. I often had to do it more than once, because if the hose doesn't quite wind right, or too much water is still in the hose, you have to start over or it won't all fit on the reel. It decomposed right off of its fittings this year, so we had to go buy a new hose and a rack to store it on at the side of the house. We'd considered a reel, but wasn't sure what would work well, or how it would fit by our house. Now that I see this No-Crank device, I think this would be the one to buy. I can just see myself at the end of the day, flipping the switch and happily watching the hose wind itself up as I sip the last of a cool, refreshing adult beverage. It's even on sale at - a $10 rebate is available. If anyone knows anything about these fun-looking reels, let me know. Who doesn't love a fun yard gadget?

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