Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer's Here for Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder is officially a Second Grader!

As you can see if you check Wife's blog, he has had a very exciting day and is thrilled to be a big Second Grader. His grades were excellent and he has been placed in the accelerated class for next year. He is so proud, and of course, so are his moms. It doesn't seem very long ago that we were bouncing him around in a Baby Bjorn and singing him to sleep. (OK, truth be told, we sometimes still do that last one.)

Now it is on to summer fun for Wife and the kids. Days of blow-up pool fun, ice cream cones, day camp, reading on the patio, patio furniture covers, and when I am home, we'll light up the barbecue, and probably have some great nights spent in the tent set up in the backyard. (Some of those mornings I'll be rushing off to bar review for the day, but hey- get your fun where you can.)

Happy Summer!

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