Friday, June 12, 2009

Help! I Have Bar Brain!*

Today I lost my glasses.

Last night at 9:00 when I left work, where I study at nights, I had them. I know because I use them to read, and was reading as part of my study plan. (Osmosis seems unlikely to work.) This morning, when I went to get my glasses out of my bag to read in the parking lot prior to class, they were not there.

Now, normally, when I am done studying, I put my glasses in their case, which sits on my desk, then they go into my book bag. Therefore, they should have been there this morning. They were not. I used my old pair, which I still had with me because I just recently transitioned to new ones, figuring my new ones must be on my desk at work. When I arrived at work, there they were not.

I searched all over my work area, in my drawers, the workroom, the bathroom, called wife and had her check all over the house, I searched the car three times, and my book bag countless times. I asked my co-workers. I almost asked our maintenanc man who was chatting in our lobby. I even checked the ground near yesterday's parking spot, halfway expecting to find a sad, squashed blue case with what remained of my glasses, but no.

I finally decided I would have to give up the search, start work, and hope they found their way to a Lost and Found over the next few days. That is when I checked an overhead storage bin in my file cabinet. It is a space I do not even open once per week. There sat my glasses, in their case, safely tucked away.


It was good that I had put them away. Why at 9:00 last night that had seemed like the appropriate place to put them, I have no idea.

Wife says it is like I have pregnancy brain - but it is really bar brain. Yes, I guess that is it. Wow - it is awfully early in bar review to have already lost the part of my mind that is able to function in the real world - the world outside of bar preparation.

I wish Wife and I could just get away alone somewhere for a few days together - just to rest and reconnect and give my bar brain a break. I know she could use it, too. No kids. No dogs. No cats. No responsibilities. Certainly no bar review materials. A resort? A hotel? Motel? There are nice rv parks. I wouldn't be picky.

OK, OK, maybe in 7 more weeks.....

*Credit for the term "bar brain" is properly attributable to Wife.


Lynilu said...

I'm glad you found them!

I have a wild story for you. When my hub died in WA state, his son flew from Albuquerque, leaving his car in the parking lot at the airport. Then he and I flew back together to bury his father in NM. He has lost his prescription sunglasses somewhere on the trip, and with that kind of stress, it is hard to remember, to recreate events. He figured it was just a loss.

When we got to his car, he looked down, and right beside his car was his case with the glasses in it! It had been there for over a week. No one picked it up nor stepped on it!

Anonymous said...

Since you rarely use that storage area, could your maintenance man put them there for safe keeping? Or do you now "remember" putting them there? Just Curious. BTW your review of Wii was so good, I ordered one for Diana for her birthday.

Wish we could help out and babysit for you so you two could get away, but we now have two little ones of our own. I send you a link to the online photo album as soon as we get the youngest one a good grooming, so you can see her.
Love to all,

Mimi said...

Tooo funny I do stuff like that and I think I am losing my mind....thank god you're with

Dakota said...

Mimi and Lynilu - Thanks for the stories of comfort!

Lynn - Great choice for Diana. We are having great fun with it - with the kids, by ourselves, together, with guests. Watch out for bowling! We both ended up very sore after some heavy competition one night.

Proto Attorney said...

Bar Brain is a definite reality. I mean, there has to be some sort of negative side effect to stuffing that much law into one's brain in such a small period of time. Perhaps Bar/Bri needs to include a warning label...