Monday, June 01, 2009

Post Graduation Report

As you will see, I took off a week from blogging following graduation. Let me say, graduation weekend was wonderful! Graduation was all it should be. Well, OK, the speakers could have been more inspirational, the ceremony could have been shorter, but overall - fun, meaningful, and all the ritual should be.

Wife, kids, Mom and Step-Dad were all there....and our kids did great! They were in the stands for 4 hours, including wait time before the ceremony, and they were so well-behaved. Wife did a great job of packing food and activities for them(OK, son's DS especially!), and they certainly did us both proud! I am very happy since this way, Wife could experience and enjoy my graduation, too.

I won't recap everything since Wife already did such a great job on her blog! I will say that I was wrong about me not having a big drunken bash. Well, OK, so it was not exactly that - but I will say Wife and I had quite the good time enhanced by a considerable amount of alcohol. :) Between a great party hosted by my mom and one of my sisters, the attendance of lots of family and friends, and a nice barbecue with Wife's family in our backyard afterwards, the Sunday after graduation was most excellent!

I am now one week into formal bar review through BarBri. It is going to be a very intense several weeks, but after four years of law school, another couple of months is not all that daunting. The bar exam itself....well....I can do it! That is my mantra...I can do it and I will pass!

Now that I am officially a graduate, looks like I'll be needing a new name for this blog. Any suggestions?


Heather said...

Adventures of Mama in Law

Dakota said...

Heather - thanks, I like that it stays true to the original title. :)

Casey said...

Though Mama in Law brings to mind someone's mother-in-law. :)

But that's just me.

You could just shorten it to "Adventures of Law"

Or: Mama's Law Adventures favorite in the past 2 minutes: Adventures of Law Mama.

And did you know that when you write, say or think "law" too many times it becomes a very silly word? :) :) :)

Dakota said...

Casey - or, if my job is not directly working for a firm, which likely it won't be, "Adventures of Out-Law Mama"! *grin*

Casey said...

Love it! :)

Heather said...

I like the Adventures of a Law Mama. I also think you guys should swing down here to dland sometime over the next year =)We can hang out with the kids, i might even be able to talk wife into having you guys hang around here. we are only 45 min away from dland

Dakota said...

We would love to get away to Disneyland, and it is definitely somewhere in our future! The sooner I get a really great job, the sooner we'll visit!

Heather said...

Sounds good just let me know because I use to work there =)