Friday, May 22, 2009

Graduation Weekend!

It's finally here. The Big Day. Graduation.

I sense that my graduation weekend will look much different than that of many of the daytime students, but maybe similar to many of my FORMER evening classmates. No drunken bashes for me - but good, happy times with my family. Tomorrow is graduation. Yippee!! It is followed by a short children's graduation that acknowledges the sacrifices of our families and what an accomplishment this is for us all. Nice, right?

Sunday my mom has put together a celebration with all of my family and a few friends, and some of Wife's family is even coming, which is surprising, and really nice. After the late afternoon event, we'll probably end up in our backyard, hanging out with the family from out of town, maybe barbecuing or ordering a pizza. The weather is supposed to be nice and I think it will be a wonderful weekend!

Congrats to all of my FORMER (yes, I am getting a kick out of that) classmates and their families!


nikk said...

Congratulations! I'll be thinking of you as you celebrate your accomplishment. Give my best to your Mom.

Stella said...

Does this mean you'll have to change the name of the blog? Adventures of Bar Crammin' Mama?
....prob'ly won't have too many opportunities to post anyway....

Dakota said...

Nikk - Thank you and I will tell my mom you said hi.

Stella - I think I do need to change the blog name. Guess I should start taking suggestions. Sounds like a topic for a future post! By the way, it was great to talk to you yesterday!

fluoxetine said...

Congratulations. Definitely an achievement to be proud of.