Friday, May 08, 2009

Packed and Almost Ready to Go

Last night I packed a bunch of family-friendly DVDs, my clothes, and added a few things to our "do not forget" list - like Boy Wonder's DS game and games for our Little Princess. Wife will get the kids and herself packed while I am at work today. The kids will probably help a bit, but at this point, they can't really be trusted to do it themselves. We'd end up with swimming suits, pajamas, equestrian apparel (the Princess is adorable in her brother's old cowboy boots), ballet outfits, and perhaps a Halloween costume or two.

Packing us up for a trip is always an adventure, and I have to admit, one I rarely contribute much to. Wife is usually left with most of the packing and all the hard work. (Wife - YOU ROCK!) I usually deal with my own clothes, snacks for the car, and sometimes miscellaneous stuff. She is also way better at spacial stuff than I am, so she packs us into the car in order to maximize space usage. This is especially important when we take the Scion, as it has a very small back area in which to pack. This weekend, we'll take the SUV - we'll need the extra room, and added security of driving a heavier vehicle on winding mountain and coastal roads.

Can you tell I am ready to go? Too bad it is only 8:20am and we can't leave until about 5:00pm. It may be a long day......but you know what?

I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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(In)Sanity Gal said...

WOO-HOO!!! Have a great time!