Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Buzzing with Anticipation

Tomorrow is my LAST FINAL EVER! (Last Final - seems like redundancy, doesn't it?)

I have some studying ahead - soon, but think I will be ready when I have to be. I'm almost jittery with the rush of being almost done! To cope, I studied a bit, worked a bit, got my hair cut, indulged in a fast Mexican food lunch, worked a bit more, and am now blogging.

Today someone left candy in the workroom. Yesterday there was cake. Really? Is a stressed out person, concerned about taking a Secured Transactions final, supposed to just pass this stuff by as it if was not there? Good thing I don't work in a bigger office. I'd probably need to research the top 10 rated diet pills if I had many more grazing options!

Well, the sun is starting to shine in my window. It is just about time to start what is likely to be my final round of studying, and tomorrow by either 12:30 or 9:30, depending on which exam time I feel most appropriate, I will be DONE!

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