Friday, May 15, 2009

Souvenirs from the Beach

Candy is very accessible at the beach.

Why is it that at the beach is the only time a person ever buys fudge? (One MAKES it at Christmas, of course.)
There are always several candy shops featuring fudge, salt-water taffy, and various kinds of the candy you remember as a child. Well, let's just say we had no trouble spending and eating our share of candy in support of the local economy. We'll now need to do some research on the best diet pills, I'm afraid!

We do tend to only eat two meals a day while on vacation. That does mean CANDY can be the third meal, right?

We also managed to stock up on souvenirs from about every other shop we walked in to. The kids now have new stuffed buddies, plastic toys, glass trinkets and squishy balls to remind them of their adventures. I have a T-shirt from the Tillamook Cheese Factory, a lighthouse Christmas ornament, a travel journal, and a beautiful soft robe from the resort we stayed in that was a gift from my sweet wife. (I was so in love with the robes in the room!) Wife has two new coffee mugs, some "ocean" room spray, charms for her charm bracelet, and a funny T-shirt that she will probably blog about so I will not.

We also took a TON of photos!

We'll not soon forget this trip. When I get done resolving my work crisis that cropped up in my absence, I will blog more about the vacation. Probably next week. Happy Weekend everyone!

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