Monday, May 04, 2009

Last School Study Weekend

That's right - the last weekend of "school studying" has been completed. (Sure - there's bar studying, but that is different.) I studied. I learned. I think I am ready for my second to last law school final EVER!!

Saturday I studied while Wife cleaned house in anticipation of the babysitter, or her mom who is a friend, being at our house that evening. My Mom and her husband took us out for my birthday and pre-graduation dinner. We had a very nice dinner at a waterfront table at one of our hometown's nicest restaurants. After dinner we went to my Mom's apartment to see their new TV with the LCD mount. It is positioned right over their new treadmill - perfect for walking and viewing at the same time.

Later we caught part of my brother-in-law's band playing at a local Irish pub. No, he's not a is more of a Kingston Trio kind of band - guitars, banjos and folk music. Well, maybe folk music. Not sure what to call it. Anyway, it was fun, and it was a full night out without the kids! Even that part went well, as Boy Wonder was just finishing doing the dishes when we arrived home. He was very excited to have us notice that he'd washed their popcorn bowls. So cute!

So, now it is time to leave for my final. This is a big one. I am a bit nervous and very anxious to be SUCCESSFULLY done with it!

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