Friday, May 15, 2009

We're Back!

Our vacation was awesome! Naturally, we still wish we were at the beach. We played tourist and saw fun things every day. We almost came home early because our little girl threw up in the middle of the night on Monday. We packed up, ready to head home, fearing a proverbial colon cleanse, or worse, was in store for all of us, but then we all felt great playing at the beach near the turn off to go home. It was such a beautiful day, we called around and got a great deal at what is probably the nicest resort in the area. Our room was practically on the beach we were so close - and the view was amazing! All still feeling relatively healthy, we ended up staying there for two nights, meaning we stole an extra one that hadn't been planned on. So fun! More details to follow. Be sure to check Wife's blog, too, as I suspect there will eventually be photos!

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