Friday, May 08, 2009

Dilemmas of Eating at the Beach

Yes, going to the beach to celebrate should be big fun. Our whole family loves the beach. Boy Wonder and I agreed last night that he should continue his quest, started last summer, to find the best clam chowder. I am very proud of him for trying new things. Last time we checked, he thought that clam chowder had pieces of chicken in it. I'm not going to dispell that myth quite yet, unless he actually asks outright. Not really sure that chicken is any better....but it is more familiar.

We are entering the stage that Boy Wonder kind of gets where meat comes from. Our sweet Princess doesn't quite get it, and we are trying to convince her brother not to tell her. She has recently made the connection that there are "eating fish" and fish that people have as pets. The crabs in the seafood section, the whole cooked crabs are particularly disturbing to her because she gets that they used to be alive.

The whole topic is rather disturbing and seems wrong once you have to explain it to your kids. *sigh* We find our ways of justifying our eating habits, but still, it's hard to sit and watch a Disney movie with singing fish and lobsters, then put those types of things on your plate at dinner. We aren't even big meat or fish eaters, but aren't entirely vegetarians either. Let's just say that after one of these conversations, our appetites are such that I doubt there will be any immediate need for weight loss pills.

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