Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Thoughts from the Roller Coaster

"Oh my gosh this is insane! There is too much to learn. Too much pressure. Not enough time. Can't breath...."

"Calm the #%$?# down."

"OK, better. Bar schedule day is not so bad. I get to sleep in an hour later than work/law school life - way back before May. I see Wife and kids every morning. I take the dogs for a walk every morning and sometimes one or both kids comes with us."

"Dogs - I know you want to go for a walk. I told you we were going. We've done this routine for nearly 5 weeks now and every time we do not go until I have eaten my breakfast, brushed my teeth and gone to the bathroom. It does not help to whine, nor does it speed up the process for you to come into the bathroom with me and put your paw on my hand (boxer trait). I am perfectly capable of going to the bathroom by myself."

"BarBri lecturers - I do appreciate your attempts at humor, whether successful, or not. I appreciate the funny sayings, the songs, the mnemonic devices, and anything you can do to keep the information coming at a good pace while not boring me into a coma."

"Wife, I am teetering on the edge right now, and am sorry that I sometimes lose it over stupid things like letting the neighbor boy join us for dinner. Any little thing can throw the whole tower off balance, you know? Fixing one more plate and dealing with another human being seemed like a lot at the time. It was not, it ended up nice, and the kids all had fun."

"Coconut margaritas from Applebee's are really good and I may have to make my own."

On that happy note....I will soon be off to study....


Casey said...

You're almost done. You can do this. (So calm the &$#&% down. :)). No really - you're almost there. And that brink you are teeter on? Look to your side - you aren't there alone.

You've almost made it and when you lose your ever loving mind over the stupid sh*t I'll let you know. :)

You're doing fine. It's almost over. And yes, you CAN do this.

Dakota said...

:) Thanks, honey! You can do this, too!

"The goals we set - are the goals we get!"

This is one of Boy Wonder's karate recitations. A good one!

Butterflyfish said...

I don't know when you changed the name of the blog but I like it. Too bad I've called you Dakota all through the old Round Ups. I'd love to call you OutLawMama!!

Dakota said...

Butterflyfish - I only changed it a couple days ago to test it out. No worries. Glad you like it!