Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The TV Blues

I fear the sad day is approaching when we must say goodbye to our current television. It is a big 19" screen TV that we bought to watch the summer Olympics on in 1996. Yes, I know 19" is not big, but it was a significant leap from the 13" screen we had at the time. Our picture is disappearing more and more frequently, caused most likely by some simple loose part, juggled loose from the kids jumping around so much in the living room.

There was a time, mostly during my childhood and before, when it was worthwhile to have things like televisions repaired. Not so much anymore. It would probably cost us at least a third of the cost of a new TV just to have someone look at it. So not worth it for a 12-year old set that will probably have other things giving out on it soon.

So now, we must consider our next move. Sometimes, I really like doing research before a big purchase, but right now, I am just not that interested in finding out about LCD HDTV, flat screens, resolution, warranties, reviews..blah, blah, blah. I just want a good TV for a really low price that is easy to use. I want it to magically appear in my house, connected to all the crazy cables upon which our happiness depends, and with a sleek remote control waiting on the coffee table strategically placed next to an icy, cold margarita.


Oh, sorry, I was gone for a moment there.

Guess I should start doing some research...

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Lynilu said...

The good thing ..... TVs are surprisingly affordable nowdays, unless you get into HUGE screens. But up to 32", 38", maybe even 42", you'll be pleasantly encouraged, I think! Good luck!