Thursday, July 10, 2008

New TV!

We went out and purchased a 26" LCD HD TV last night. Name brand for $424 including tax; beat the Costco price by $75. I don't want to do any research on the exact model in case there are bad reviews. Wife made me promise not to be so uptight about checking reviews before buying since we've had great luck in the past with both name brand and never-heard-of brands. I really wanted to get a name brand though, which worked out well, since the best sale we found was on a name brand.

Our previous TV was a 19" tube TV, so this is quite a change for us. So far, we are enjoying it, though we've not gotten to watch it much, yet. Our Princess fell asleep while in the car last night shopping for TVs, stayed asleep in her stroller while in Costco, and then was good to go until 10:00 last night, when we insisted she go to sleep with us because it was Mommys' bedtime. Picture is crisp with good color, as long as you are not sitting too close. Good clarity from the side angles, too. I can't wait to try a movie on it :)

We can't really take advantage of the HD TV capability yet, since our Dish Network receiver is not HD. I guess if it ever becomes terribly important to us, we will do something about it. I can't really see that happening though. It just isn't a priority for either of us.

So, there is one task taken care of - and we did it before the other TV totally stopped working. Yippeee!


Monogram Queen said...

Wow i'd love to surprise the hubs with a new TV. Cool.

Lynilu said...

Yay!! New TVs are so much fun, especially bigger new TVs!!!

Googie Baba said...

Oh I've seen those T.V.s at Costco. I totally want one, but my wife says I have to graduate from school first.