Thursday, July 10, 2008

More demands for clean air?

Is the allergen level really higher than before? Seems like more people are talking about their allergies bothering them this year than previous years. I'd say it started around spring and is still happening. Certainly it could be true; I've not looked up any data. Maybe our mild winter combined with a late start to the hot summer weather increased and expanded the normal spring allergies for people. Lots of stuffiness, red eyes and drippiness (I know, "gross".) with speculation of cold vs. allergies.

Is an increase in allergy symptoms the reasons more people are investing in indoor air filters, like Blueair, or is it just that we are more aware that our air could be cleaner? With the technology available, and somewhat affordable do we NEED cleaner air to breathe as we sleep or mostly just want it "in case" it helps? Certainly there are those with medical conditions that need it, but what about everyone else? (I guess it depends on where you live.)

More folks are putting in hard wood or tile floors and giving up the cushy carpet - mostly a designing trend or mostly that carpets hold in dirt, dust mites, mold and assorted other nastiness? I personally prefer the look and feel of carpets so choose to not think too much about them.

How about it? Are we worse off or just more aware? Probably both.


Lynilu said...

Well, while I'm trying to house train three dogs, I wish I had no carpet!!! But for real life, I want carpet under my feet where it makes sense, living room, bedroom. The rest of the house has ceramic tile which I love for upkeep (or lack thereof). So I guess I'm half in and half out of this argument!

Dakota said...

That sounds like a good compromise! (Although, when the kids have been sick, we suddenly understood the attraction of hard floors, and it has nothing to do with the lack of dust mites!)