Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Brief Weekend Update

Our nice long weekend was enjoyed by all, with somewhat less enthusism shown by the dogs than the humans. Loud fireworks - oh, heck, even quiet fireworks- are not something either of our dogs apppreciates. Maddie did not bark at them until Jordan started, but then it turned into a regular barkfest with neither dog pleased about the noise at all. I finally figured out I could distrct them by feeding them popcorn. Hey, whatever works :)

I am sure Wife will go into more details about the adventures over the past few days, but I will say the blow up pool, sandbox, swingset, colorful golf bags and assorted other kid toys were big fun for our kids, their cousins, and the family and friends who enjoyed watching them play. We did have some rain, which cut down on a few hours of outdoor time, but afternoons generally ended up sunny. As a bonus, the rain did mean less chance of fires from the fireworks, and no need to water the lawn. Good all around!

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Lynilu said...

Sounds like a good weekend! And I cracked up at your declaration that Wife will give the details!! LOL!!