Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Did I really just say that?

Crazy the stuff that just comes up in conversation, isn't it? When talking with adults without kids it might be about a kitchen gadget or politics or a sale or the best diet pills that work, but when the focus turns to kids, the conversations are really odd. I am often amazed by the things I have heard myself say (note I have not included the ones that include reference to bodily fluids or body parts):

"Don't lick the grass."
"Yes, his underwear is on backwards, but at least it is on."
"Don't paint your face with ice cream."
"Did you say your face is blue because you colored it with chalk?"
"No, use your napkin, not the dog's tongue."
"You need to believe me when I say that big rock will hurt if you drop it on your foot."
"How did you get yourself in there? Maybe if you straighten your leg and twist your head this way...No, that's not going to work."
"I don't care if she did start it - stop licking the dog!"

Ah, kids, a constant source of amusement...


Monogram Queen said...

That last line...

truer words were never spoken!

Lynilu said...

Maybe it has just been too long for me to remember, but your house sounds a lot more exciting than mine was when the kids were small!!! LOL!!

Dakota said...

Lynilu - Let's just say that Boy Wonder has a great deal of imagination, and is still working on developing common sense!

Lynilu said...


Hope you're up to the challenge!!!