Thursday, July 10, 2008

Personalized Books

I wrote the other day about our weekend trip to the bookstore and how much our kids love books. We have read our Little Princess both of her new books several times each day, as well as reading her this week's new library books many times. Each child is part of our library's summer reading program where they get a prize for each 5 hours of reading completed. We can read to them, or them to us, or them to each other. Is is a fun program and the kids like the prizes. I think they have just about earned their second prize. We can probably get it this weekend - even though they just picked up a prize last weekend. Yes - we do a lot of reading!

This week I came across a web site with personalized children's books. These are the ones that are printed with the child's name, hometown, best friend and such throughout the book. They have quite a good selection of books with characters children will know, like Dora, Barney and Spiderman, plus generic things like dinosaurs. For a customized, hard back book, the prices are not bad - in the $15 range. They also have customized CDs and DVDs. The DVDs are a bit pricey at $30-45, but I have to admit, would make a great present. These are ones that they put the child's information and picture into the music or movie. There is a Christmas one about a child saving the holiday from Jack Frost's attempt to ruin it that I am sure Boy Wonder would LOVE! The technology is like the dancing elves website that gets passed around at Christmas - where you paste your photo onto a body, so it may be a little disturbing for adults, but I am positive our kids would go nuts over it. Surely these are not everyday kinds of items, but as special presents, I think they would be big hits!

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postscript said...

I still have a book about a "teddy bear party" with my name in it from years ago.