Thursday, July 17, 2008

Camping Adventure Games

This past weekend we set up the tent and had a camping adventure right in our own backyard. While we did not manage to sleep outside as a family, we still had loads of fun! (Night #1: Boy Wonder could not sleep with the neighborhood noises still happening, so he and I went in while Wife and the Princess slept outside. Night #2: Neither child could calm down enough to sleep outside, but were out within minutes once we retreated to their own bedrooms.)

As a fun thing to do, I bought a bunch of inexpensive party prizes, plus a few large water blasters as "end of the game" bonus prizes, and set up a bunch of "camping" games. We had an adventure trail, complete with a stop where we saw a snake and had to balance on one foot for the count of 10 before proceeding, an obstacle course, a river crossing that looked remarkably like a slip-n-slide, two fishing holes and a treasure dig (prizes in the sandbox). We also did a 3-legged race (I agreed to hop on one foot so they would have someone to compete with), a potato sack race, a knock the cups down with a ball game, and a game I made up called "Bugs and Bats" (Boy Wonder wanted to be able to imitate a I went with it.) that allowed the kids to move forward a certain number of spaces based on whether the bug named crawls or flies, with bats thrown in occassionally for fun.

Below are a few pictures of the fun. If you check out Wife's blog, she is likely to post more about this within the next few days. (The first picture is their adventure map of where all the games were located.)


Lynilu said...

How creative and fun! I wanna play!! Seriously, you did an awesome job of coming up with some really fun activities. I'm a frequently amazed with you and Casey and your parenting skills. :)

Monogram Queen said...

So much fun! Life is an adventure in your family! I love it!

Dakota said...

Lynilu - Thank you. Truthfully, sometimes we are amazed at our LACK of parenting skills. It is a constant challenge, but keeping them entertained sure helps!

Monogram Queen - Thanks - and yes, always an adventure!

Fern said...

I am SO impressed. And actually I want even more detail but I supposedly you're sort of busy or something? Something about full time work and law school...? Anyway, I guess I'll let you off the hook but I am seriously bowled over by this! You need to give yourself the Mama of the Year award for this!

Dakota said...

Thank you, Fern. I only excel every now and then. Maybe that's the best any of us really do. Reality is much harder than it appears on tv!