Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Books and More Books

Our family loves bookstores :) Not such a bad thing to be encouraging in our kids, really, other than it can get expensive. (We use the library a lot, too!) This weekend, while some friends were visiting us, Boy Wonder convinced us that it would be a good idea to go to a bookstore to buy him some more beginning reader books. Well, what parent can argue with that? We all headed to the local Borders since our friends were also interested in getting a book on CD for their RV trip home.

The Princess immediately found the two books she wanted to take home - one called I Wear My Tutu Everywhere and another that is a Dora book about visiting the dentist. Boy Wonder went through many wants - including some dog and dinosaur books that were not age-appropriate - and finally was happy with Invisible Stanley and a series of easy readers called Animal Antics - 10 small books in one pack. Our friends ended up indulging each child with a gift as well, finger puppets for the Princess and a Coloring Book/sticker/ penguin set for Boy Wonder. The kids really made out during that trip!

Moms did not manage to purchase anything for themselves, passing by the books on pop stars, politicians, meditation, natural acne treatment
, castles, and various paperbacks that appeared to be light summer reading. Oh, well, we're each already working on previously purchased books, and have both been enjoying the kids' books - some of them over, and over, and over.


Monogram Queen said...

That is great that the kids like books so much. I really need to work on Maddie. She likes them but she'd rather be outside right now.

Audra said...

I recently fell back in love with books! I went to a used bookstore and spent $40 on three huge bags of books! I've been devouring them lately, so I'm so excited to have new reads!