Friday, July 18, 2008

I Love Al Gore

I just watched a video of an amazing speech given by Al Gore. In it, he poses a challenge to the American people:

When JFK challenged America to put a man on the moon in a decade, many called it impossible, but we did it. Today's challenge: power our nation on clean energy in 10 years.

The devastation being caused by climate change, by our economy, by our reliance upon carbon based fuel sources is bleak, and only getting worse. Al Gore addresses the harsh reality head on, but then also proposes a solution and his reasoning for why it will work. Moving to clean energy NOW is our chance to save our environment, bring good jobs into our economy and become a true world leader again. Check out the video.


Monogram Queen said...

I love Al too and so wanted him to be President.

Dakota said...

Agreed! However, the work he is doing now may be more important in the long run, and he really has a passion and a talent for it. All things happen for a reason. Let's hope the next president is smart enough to listen to him!

Mimi said...

Ok Ok I have to admit...I hven't gone green as of yet...I know I should but....I haven't....This is going to sound bad, but we made it thourgh what our parents did and our kids will make it through what we do....I know that's a bad way to think of it....but hey I'm's hard to change....I have ONE trash can...maybe there is somewhere I can go for

Dakota said...

Mimi -
Change is hard. We are not especially "green" either, but we do some things. Recycling is HUGE in our part of the country, and it is easy. We still make a fair amount of trash, but we recycle everything we can. Just one thing at a time can eventually add up. Even more than individual acts though - is what the utilities are doing. Where is our power coming from? Renewable resources must be a priority.

What you say about us living through what our parents did - true, but technology, high population, and a "throw away" society is allowing us to degrade our planet at a much faster rate than our parents could. When is enough enough, or too much? I'd rather not find out, or have my kids have to find out.