Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Listening to Music

Does anyone else remember buying albums (round disks about 12" wide that contained music)? How about cassette tapes? Wow -wasn't that the coolest innovation ever at the time? You suddenly were not tied to the stereo in your bedroom, or worse, your parent's living room, to listen to your tunes. You had portability to take your cassette player to any room in the house, or a friend's house, plug it in and you were good. MAYBE you were lucky enough to have batteries and then your music could really travel with you. Yes, life was good then! You could even sit by the radio and record your favorite songs onto a cassette...and hope the DJ did not talk over the beginning or ending. You might have to wait a long time to hear that favorite song, but eventually, it would be played. Then...Walkman entered. Your cassettes were REALLY portable. You could easily carry your music with you wherever you went and listen on headphones....but now, now, we really have it made. We have ipods. Some are so small we easily lose them at the bottom of a bookbag, purse, or even a coat pocket. We can download anything we want from the Internet and listen through our headphones, thus ensuring hearing loss at an early age, or through speakers designed to play our ipods in the same way as the old stereo system that sat in our bedroom, or our parent's living room. Hmmmm....the more things change the more they...No, I can't even finish the cliche', but you know you already did in your head. :)


Caroline said...

LOL..I remember sitting in my room waiting for my favorite song to come on the radio ready to record it. When I think back to all the "mixes" I made and how much time it, I must have really wanted those mixes. Now it's so easy to create a playlist.

I remember my first Walkman...I saved up my money and paid $30 for it. It was bright blue and I loved it.

Lynilu said...

Oh, honey! I remember 45's, with the big hole in the center (who ever thought that was a good idea?), and even 78's (big heavy, klunky things!). I remember when "albums" first came out and we were so excited! When I was in junior high, I was given one of the first "portable radios." Battery operated and with an ear phone! I was in heaven! I could walk around with my music (only on the radio, of course) and everyone was so jealous!

My, my. I'm glad I have an iPod now. And speaking of that, I think it is dying. $$$$$ that I don't want to spend on a replacement, but of course, I will.

Good memories.

Jesse James said...

Hahahaha!! I'm just old enough to be able to relate with you, albeit with cassettes and CDs, not records. Nothing beats listening to Nirvana played from a tapedeck. Though I hear people swear by Nirvana on vinyl. Ahhh... Brings back so many memories.

Funny coincidence too, I ran into your post after I read this one about the legalization vote on marijuana going on in CA:

Now I just want to move to San Francisco and scrounge seedy record stores for cheap album cassettes. Thanks a lot...