Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Blog Entry That Isn't

Last week I was quite sure I was on the verge of a really deep post - things about life, love and the universe. I even emailed as much to a friend. Said life was moving right along at its own pace and to watch my blog for more. Now, seems that dog food, the weather and the latest colon cleansing diet are the only things that strike me as I sit to post an entry. Certainly it is not the lack of wheels spinning in my brain, it's more a matter of which ones will engage the gears and set the machinery actually moving forward.

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Lynilu said...

Strange how the mind works. I've had thoughts so important I felt I must post them or tell a certain person about them, but by the time the words move to my fingers or my mouth, they have become invisible. Makes ya wonder, doesn't it?