Monday, March 15, 2010

Check out this Bag!

Anyone who has been following my blog for long knows that there are a couple things I particularly enjoy - watches and bags. I just found out that something exists called "checkpoint friendly bags." Clearly, I had to investigate. These are apparently laptop computer bags designed to be able to be scanned by airport security without removing the laptop. Cool! OK, so I do not go through airport security very frequently, not having been on an airplane in about four years, but still, how cool is this bag?

Look at all the pockets and zippers! Plus, the front panel opens up to offer a wide variety of extra pocket and pen slots, perfect for organizing all the stuff that life dictates we must carry.....flash drive, gum, nail clippers, coupon for pizza, notepad, business cards, dry cleaning tickets, etc.

This particular bag, by Mobile Edge, meets the new TSA requirements for checkpoint friendly laptop bags, plus is just a really nice looking bag. It has a lifetime warranty, which means it should be really well-made, not that you would actually use it for your entire lifetime. I am pretty sure a person needs multiple bags at any given time, not just over the course of a lifetime. Really, a person might need this in multiple colors and for various purposes... one for travel, one for school? I don't know. I guess messenger bags are just another of those weird collections I have. At least it is a useful collection! The bag like the above can be found on sale for just over $50. Not bad!

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