Friday, March 26, 2010

Power of Music

Music is so powerful. I think I have posted about it in the past. It can sharpen the pain when you are down and help you reach new heights when you are up. I believe there is research about music helping patients going through things like Mesothelioma treatment and other cancer treatments. Some of the research and practice considers music as a way of dealing with the emotional symptoms, but I wonder how much is physiological. It is all so tied in, I do not suppose they can really be separated, though the research perhaps tries. Lower stress, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, happy endorphins flowing through the body that allow less pain and more healing. It's all connected.

What was my point? Oh, right - music is amazing. I'll leave it at that because my coffee is ready! I wonder how many songs about coffee are on YouTube?

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Lynilu said...

I have music for every mood. I wonder which is stronger, the music or the mood? Which causes the other? I donno, but I do love my music!

BTW, back in the early 60's called "Percolator." By the Ventures, if I remember correctly. It was a cool twist song!