Monday, March 15, 2010

Clothes Make the Man/Woman?

Sometimes it is really hot to see a woman in men's clothes - tailored suits, untucked dress shirts, mens ties...etc. Isn't it interesting how women can be considered attractive in women's or men's clothing, but men generally cannot? Is it because of our society's homophobic tendencies, or just because not that many men look good in a skirt? I think I'll take c) both of the above. I am sure this trend varies country to country, but I think even state to state, and county by county. What a man could pull of in a downtown Portland he probably could not in a small town 50 miles east of here. I think about a Garth Brooks look-alike in a pink cowboy hat that I saw in Whole Foods a week or so ago, and am pretty sure in rural Oregon, he and the pink hat wouldn't last for long.

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Proto Attorney said...

I dunno about skirts, I haven't really seen many men wear them other than drag queens, and they're generally much hawter than me, which isn't really fair. But there are some seriously sexy men who can rock a kilt, my favorite being:

But you're right, I think there are probably men, gay and straight, who would make more traditionally feminine style choices, if they weren't afraid of some redneck beat-down.