Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Weekend

Ah, Spring - a few days of sun, a few days of rain, maybe some hail, then we do it all again! The sunshine has me restless to get out and play! "A nice week at the beach sounds good," she said, drifting away in her mind, book in one hand, tropical drink in another. OK, so that probably will not be happening in my immediate future, nor will renting an Outer Banks vacation rental, but I do have this weekend all to myself, in the house, with no real plans. I found out that "The Blind Side" is on at our $3 theatre. Sounds like a good idea for Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I need to pick up Kelton's Birthday present, a few Easter things. Should be a relaxing weekend. It's good to be me!

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Casey said...

The Blind Side is really, really good! Highly recommend it. As for the weekend in the house...don't suppose you'd mind cleaning the kids bathroom? Maybe dusting (did you notice Kaylen's drawing in the dust on the dining room table? Yeah - it's too cute for me to remove so it's all up to you. Hee hee) If it's nice - the lawn needs mowing.

Oh heck - I'll leave a To Do list. :)

Hee hee. I'm sooooooo kidding. Except for the lawn part. :)