Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekend Adventure

This past weekend the kids and I took one of our approximately semi-annual excursions to OMSI - the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This is big fun for the kids - and Mom, too! The featured exhibit changes every few months, and the one currently on exhibit is Space! Boy Wonder was very excited to see space stuff! I think it did not turn out to be as interesting as he thought it would - most of it is geared towards a slightly higher age and someone with an interest in reading what the displays are about. Still, both kids had fun creating a computerized model of a space craft, getting into a space capsule, and checking out a model of living quarters in a a space ship.

After that, it was onto the regular exhibits that don't change much. They had fun playing with displays on hearing loss, the human body, and then seeing the snakes and insects. Later, we went to the little kids area that features a sand play area, water tables and craft projects. After the play we needed snacks - popcorn and candy - yes, I sugared us all up! Once well nourished *grin*, we went to another area where there are hands on displays about energy, electricity, hydro power, earthquakes and more. Big fun.....but into our 5th hour, this mom was dragging. We finally headed home 5 1/2 hours after arriving! We got our money's worth! (Actually, had gift cards for the kids that were given out at my law school graduation at the kid's graduation. Took us a while, but we used them!)

Oh - almost forgot the best part: Kaylen is tall enough for the ride simulator. This is a big pod-like contraption on hydraulics that about 10 people can sit in and watch a movie on the front screen so it feels like you are on a roller coaster. There are about 5 adventures to choose from. She was so excited to finally get to ride! The kids chose an underwater sea adventure / amusement park. It was really fun. Kelton sat on one side of his little sister, to take care of her and tell her what to expect (so cute!) and I sat on the other side. I thought she would enjoy it, but was not positive. She laughed her fool head off! They both loved it - and so did I. The ride was fun, but enjoying my kids having so much fun was the best part.

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Lynilu said...

I love to do things like that with kids. Watching their faces as they explore and discover is amazing, isn't it? They think they're just having fun, but they're learning. Bwa ha ha ha ha! We really put it over on them, don't we? ;D