Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Invisible thoughts

Lynilu posted a comment yesterday about how sometimes the words we have inside become invisible just as we are about to post a brilliant thought. (Surely, it was about to be brilliant!) I often have that problem when it comes to forming actual verbal thoughts versus writing them down, especially when I am talking about feelings or deeply emotional subjects. When I write I can think, edit, find just the right word to express what I mean, but when I speak, it needs to be right the first time. I have a good friend who likes to challenge me to speak, not write. Sometimes the words become invisible as I struggle, not used to operating without a keyboard or pen. They come slowly, not artfully, but it is good practice. Sort of like stretching and rubbing to relieve joint pain, it doesn't work right away, but it is a good practice in the long run.


Lynilu said...

Boy, you said a mouthful there! I'm the same way. I'm not a bad speaker, but if I have something important to convey to another, I really prefer to write it out so I don't misspeak.

Lynilu said...

BTW, I'll bet some folks feel I don't think before I write or speak. LOL! OK, maybe not enough!

Heather said...

When i need to get my point across i am better at writting then talking esp when it comes to emootions and feelings...too bad i cant translate that writting into